12 year old Palestinian killed, violence explodes across the West Bank

News reports of shootings, injuries, murders, arrests and raids continue to flood in as the situation unfolds at a lightning quick pace. For Palestinians enduring the brunt of Israeli incited race hatred and promoted retribution for the shooting of two Israeli settlers last week, the cavalierly imposed restrictions on al Aqsa Mosque, which have sparked outrage and violent confrontations- and the ensuing chaos, are yet another violent incursion into their lives.

“Comfort Women” issue: joint statement by Japanese history scholars

Triggered by the retraction of articles in the Asahi Shimbun in August 2014, certain politicians and sections of the media have made statements which intend to cast doubt on the wartime issue of the “comfort women” and facts regarding their forced recruitment by the Imperial Japanese Army. In light of such injurious statements, associations of history scholars and educators throughout Japan have come together to jointly issue this statement, and to point out the following three problems with these unjust points of view.