Hands Off North Korea: Dear US, Facts Please!

Here are the facts that the U.S. media ignore about Korea:

There are no foreign troops in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — north Korea. The last Soviet soldiers, who aided Kim Il Sung’s guerrilla army in defeating Japanese colonial rule, left in 1948. Chinese troops, who supported the DPRK after the U.S. invaded north Korea in 1950, left in 1953 after the armistice.

Afghan youth deported from Nuremberg: German classmates face police brutality in solidarity protest

In an event marking spontaneous solidarity and anger against forced deportation of refugees by the German government, students of vocational training program in Nuremberg occupied a police van which came to their campus to take one of their classmates for deportation. While the protest by the students have been thoroughly peaceful and spontaneous, the police and authorities have labeled the protesters as left-radicals. However, the agitators are common students with no organised political links.