#BackOffIndia: social media erupts in Nepal against Modi’s misadventure

Nepal has erupted in protest against India’s interference after the Himalayan country adopted its secular constitution. Though there are many issues pending, the constitution seeks to transform Nepal into a modern republic and guarantees civil rights to all its citizens.

Here is how people in Nepal have expressed their opposition and frustration with the overt intervention of Indian officials in the domestic democratic process of their country.

Some advised the Indian PM to take care of Gujarat first-

It is not the first time India is getting such responses from Nepali citizens on the social media. Some time back, the Indian media managed to frustrate and humiliate the Nepali people so much that they trended #IndianMediaGoBack on twitter

  • raji sharma

    Cant understand such reaction as i am not aware of Government of India’s or some ‘non state actor’ having made a statement criticizing or feeling unhappy at Nepal adopting a secular constitution? If I can speak for myself and for many other Indians like me, we feel very happy to have a neighboring country which is secular in character like we are. We are proud of our secularism and at the same time wish well for our neighbors,secular or otherwise.