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Did Indian media pass off 3-months old video of Pak’s Awami Workers’ Party as Gilgit secessionist rally?

Awami Workers Party rejects Indian press reports which portray a video of an AWP-Gilgit Baltistan election rally for Baba Jan as a separatist uprising against Pakistan. The video, originally shared by India-based Asian News International agency on August 13 2016, has now been shared by multiple Indian outlets as evidence of an ongoing separatist uprising in which hundreds of arrests have been made. The AWP rejects these reports as completely baseless.

The Un-unquiet Irrationality of Barkha Dutt

Thus, all that is wrong today in Kashmir, the “lifelong obsession” of Barkha Dutt, are its people. Of course, she is enamoured by the beauty of Dal Lake and Gulmarg, by green meadows and mountains. But what troubles her about Kashmir is the “horror of militancy” and “mistakes” by India. There are killings, indeed, but only those done by militants. No mention of massacres done by Indian Army.