Ovais Sultan Khan

Some government and international humanitarian agencies, including Red Cross and others have sent their boats with rescue materials for Myanmar’s Rohingya (Arakani) ‘boat people’ in the Sea.

Some boats are still missing in the Andaman Sea.

The recent crisis revealed that despite all kind of drum-beating exercise to claim themselves powerful, Chinese, Indian and other South-East establishments, as well as regional institutions such as SAARC and ASEAN have no regard for upholding the international humanitarian laws.

Despite a plea from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, urging Southeast Asian leaders to uphold “international law” and “the obligation of rescue at sea,” Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have refused to accept the “boat people”.

Though, Thailand supplied them with food and water.

The scale of the crisis is still unknown, and there is a high risk of human trafficking.

At this time, we should also raise our voice to support Myanmar’s Rohingya (Arakani) claim of their “Right to Nationality”.


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