Jacinta Hin

JacintaJacinta Hin was born in the Netherlands, and has been living in Japan since 1989. She works in the field of human resources and personal coaching, and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of embrace-transition.com

On Saturday thousands of Australians rallied against the abuse of aboriginal children in juvenile detention. The protests, held in major cities across the country, were organised by the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, a collective of young Aboriginal people.

Pictured here is the Melbourne rally, where hundreds of people gathered in front of Flinders Station in a sit-in around a make-shift cage, shutting down traffic.

Last week ABC Australia news channel aired footage of brutal abuse of children behind bars in the Northern Territory Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre. 98% of young people in detention here are indigenous. The footage showed young boys being stripped naked, tear-gassed and held in solitary confinement. One boy was shackled to a “mechanical device” chair before being left alone for two hours while another was tackled, lifted and hurled across a room.

The footage shocked the country and made world news.

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