In an event marking spontaneous solidarity and anger against forced deportation of refugees by the German government, students of vocational training program in Nuremberg occupied a police van which came to their campus to take one of their classmates for deportation. While the protest by the students have been thoroughly peaceful and spontaneous, the police and authorities have labeled the protesters as left-radicals. However, the agitators are common students with no organised political links. A section of the media has also tried to link the Afghan youth who has been deported with the IS. The student in the question has been freed after the short arrest, but it remains unclear whether he would be allowed to stay in Germany.

Here is a video of the police violence on common students protesting their classmate in the vocational school at Berliner Platz in Nuremberg –

The protesters can be heard shouting slogans –

“Bleiberecht überall – Kein Mensch ist illegal!
Right to stay everywhere – No one is illegal!”

This Wednesday, protest demonstration took place in at least 8 German cities against forced deportation of Afghani asylum-seekers. Below are some pictures from the protest that took place at Stuttgart’s Scholssplatz:

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