Malaysia and TPP: signing-off people’s rights?

TPPA opens the doors to foreign companies to make profit in another country without respecting the local laws, customs, environment and the benefit to their host countries because like what happened in the case of Bilcon, the company is only interested in making profit and has no obligation to make sure that the local people and the country really benefit from its operation.

The forgotten women warriors of the Malayan Communist Party

Mention communists, guerillas, freedom fighters, militants and ideologues and the images that leap to mind are invariably male. In Asia, it is no different, except there is an added bias of patriarchy and of a history that has, until recently, been constructed and then recounted by former colonial powers and their historians. After independence, new ‘autonomous’ national histories had to be created and national curricula constructed, with those not fitting into these narratives either omitted or marginalised. Adrianna Tan examines the case of the women warriors of the Malayan Communist Party.