Did Indian media pass off 3-months old video of Pak’s Awami Workers’ Party as Gilgit secessionist rally?

Awami Workers Party rejects Indian press reports which portray a video of an AWP-Gilgit Baltistan election rally for Baba Jan as a separatist uprising against Pakistan. The video, originally shared by India-based Asian News International agency on August 13 2016, has now been shared by multiple Indian outlets as evidence of an ongoing separatist uprising in which hundreds of arrests have been made. The AWP rejects these reports as completely baseless.

Dear Shiv Sena, banning Ghulam Ali is patriotic? Fanatics within Pakistan want music to vanish too

Such a bizzare move could perhaps even remotely make sense if Ghulam Ali would have been a representative of the Pakistan that Thackeray presumably wants to oppose. On the contrary, Ghulam Ali is from the section of Pakistan that Indians should wish thrives and expands within Pakistan as the Islamic fundamentalists within that country as well as militarists who thrive on anti-India rhetoric would not want such anything that is commonly popular across the boundary, more so any form of music and art.

Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan

Imagine if in your country, you had to get a simple errand done like getting your passport renewed. Seems simple enough. Instead you were handed a document to sign where you had to declare that whatever you believed in was incorrect and false.