South Asia

Make Siachen into a Nature and Peace Park: letter to Pakistan and India

In such a situation, if this trend is not arrested with promptness and unity of purpose Siachen glacier might vanish in your life time. This will be a fitting tribute to the soldiers who have died to defend their motherland. History will judge you quite harshly if blind jingoism is allowed to have a field day even as the motherland melts.

Dear Shiv Sena, banning Ghulam Ali is patriotic? Fanatics within Pakistan want music to vanish too

Such a bizzare move could perhaps even remotely make sense if Ghulam Ali would have been a representative of the Pakistan that Thackeray presumably wants to oppose. On the contrary, Ghulam Ali is from the section of Pakistan that Indians should wish thrives and expands within Pakistan as the Islamic fundamentalists within that country as well as militarists who thrive on anti-India rhetoric would not want such anything that is commonly popular across the boundary, more so any form of music and art.