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The Chinese worker-poet who died for your phone: Xu Lizhi

He dreamed about it, wrote about it. He rolled it around in the palm of his hand. Working through the “dark night of overtime” in January 2014, the 23-year-old Xu Lizhi imagined himself like a misplaced screw, “plunging vertically, lightly clinking,” lost to the factory floor. “It won’t attract anyone’s attention,” he wrote. “Just like the last time/ On a night like this/ When someone plunged to the ground.”

‘Make in India’: the Foxconn way?

So, will ‘Make In India’ be successful? It could very well be if the central and state machineries combine to pass laws which takes away farmers’ land, leaving them landless and thus forcing them to become labourers; it could be successful if they weaken labour laws to the point that the Indian labour becomes sitting ducks for any company aided by FDI to walk in and exploit them to the hilt. Yes, it could be ‘successful’. But is that a win for us?